Facts and figures

The new Albula Tunnel in brief

The major Albula Tunnel II project constitutes yet another history-making highpoint for the Rhaetian Railway. The following two tables include the main completion deadlines, along with other key facts and figures.


Facts and figures
Planning and completion14 years (2011–2024)
Construction period8.5 years
Length of Albula Tunnel II (new construction)5,860 m
Length of Albula Tunnel I (existing structure)5,864 m
Transverse access links to safety tunnel12
Height of tunnel from top edge of rail (opening)5,44 m (9,52 m)
Inner width of tunnel (opening)5,76 m (7,67 m)
Maximum cross-sectional area of opening58,39 m²
Free cross-sectional area of tunnel26,88 m²
Maximum altitude1,821 metres above sea level
Maximum top speed in tunnel120 km / h
Total cost of projectCHF 407 million
Financefederal government 85%, canton 15%
Volume of excavation244,000 m3 (solid material)
Trains per year 15,215
Annual passenger traffic1.15 million
Symbolbild Zahlen und Fakten

Various drilled samples of the geological layers of the Albula massif.

Preparation work2014
Cutting of first turfJune 2014
Main preliminary operations2015 – 2018
Completion of tunnelingEnd of 2018
Completion of the tunnel shell2023
Installation of the track and the catenary2023
Installation of the railway technology2023
Completion of project2024
Restoring to nature / demolition2021 – 2024
Renovation of the evacuation passage2024 – 2025