Albula Tunnel Infoarena

A great experience for young and old alike

All manner of exciting things to do with the building work, the mountain, the region and the Rhaetian Railway: The Infoarena in Preda offers an experience-rich insight into the rebuilding of the Albula Tunnel. Come along for an in-depth look into the exciting world of tunnel building.

The Infoarena in Preda is keeping a running record of progress on the major construction project that is the rebuilding of the Albula Tunnel. The Infoarena is open from 8am to 8pm on a daily basis from may to the end of october 2022.  Visiting is on an individual basis and free of charge.

An RhB train awaits at the red-painted, 165-metre-long site fence, packed with all manner of exhibits and facts in German and English worth knowing about geology, tunnel technology, logistics and other exciting subjects involving the region and its very own railway. Fun items such as a virtual footplate ride and children's slides and climbing frames complete the list of attractions on offer.

Younger visitors will be delighted by presence of Kobali the Mole, with an adventurous expedition through the construction site, "virtual blasting" and a surprise included!

Guest book and local Albula Tunnel products
Housed in its own pavilion, the Infoarena offers visitors in-depth and audio-visual information, and the opportunity to leave behind a personal "blasting message". Find and mark your message, or just browse through the list of visitor-entries under "blasting message".

What about some dynamite, elixir or drill rod of the Albula Tunnel as a souvenir? Sausages, cheese, syrup or biscuits? Original local bio products and other souvenirs are available on site from the special Selecta vending machine creating a lasting memory of the building site visit.