Staffing / Human Resources

Setting the points for the track ahead

Planning, development, consultation, communication: our Staffing / Human Resources Department provides key cross-departmental and support functions in all areas of our company.

The legal service supports all company departments in their legal dealings. Our Quality/Processes and Safety/Risk departments manage quality assurance and health and safety throughout the organisation. The Customer Service Department deals with enquiries and complaints – using them as a basis for improvements. The chairman’s team of assistants supports company management and the Board of Directors by taking on administrative secretariat duties.

Corporate Development coordinates the future-oriented activities of the RhB, and supports management when dealing with strategic issues such as line-network and traffic planning. Corporate Communications ensures a continuous flow of information, while representing the RhB both in-house and in public.

Personnel support helps the employees and management of individual departments to deal with personnel-related issues, including recruitment, assistance and promotion. Personnel development manages in-house opportunities for further training by offering advice in the areas of in-service training, managerial development and coaching. As the link to Login, a training association, it is also responsible for the training of apprentices. Our Wages / Pensions / Systems / Services Department ensures that salaries, benefits and pensions are paid out, according to regulations and on time, to the present and former employees concerned. This department is also responsible for IT systems in the area of HR.