The direct route to the customer

The Sales division is responsible for marketing and product communication at Rhaetian Railway, in both customer-facing and back office roles. Its five areas cover a wide variety of tasks in Switzerland and abroad as well as on board the trains.

The Marketing Communication and E-Business team creates the public face of the Rhaetian Railway in both the real and digital world. Product Management is where the Rhaetian Railway's time-tested rail travel experiences are developed further and new ideas created. The Marketing Switzerland / International area aims to attract as many visitors as possible to Graubünden and impress them with its offers. Rhaetian Railway maintains relationships with marketing agents, event organisers and the media in 14 countries. Railservice processes the bookings.

The Graubünden North, Graubünden Center and Graubünden South teams are on hand locally to provide a counter service and take care of local marketing and events. On board the trains, commuters and holidaymakers can turn to the train crew for advice and assistance.