Mission and strategy

A fascinatingly different way to travel

The RhB serves the Swiss Canton of Graubünden, while fascinating visitors from around the world. The vision expressed by the strapline "a fascinatingly different way to travel" involves the efficient management of passenger traffic, the introduction of new rolling stock and products and services designed to attract.

Mission – about us

"The Rhaetian Railway moves Graubünden forwards and fascinates customers from all over the world."

  • We connect Graubünden and are customer-friendly, safe, clean and punctual.
  • We concentrate on a geographically clearly defined core region and are an active influence on the way public transport is organised and what it can offer in Graubünden.
  • We are a reliable and sustainably orientated company for our customers, the public sector, our staff and our partners.
  • We contribute towards the expansion of tourism in Canton Graubünden.

Strategy 2020 – a fascinatingly different way to travel

"The RhB is the most versatile, attractive, high-performance Alpine railway. It is financially sound and is developing sustainably."

The company's administrative and management boards have created the Strategy 2020 initiative in an effort to make this vision come true. The RhB's fleet of rolling stock is in urgent need of renewal. The corresponding programme of modernisation will be used in the coming years to increase productivity to a significant extent. This underlines the RhB's role as both a responsible employer and a vital part of the tourist sector of the Swiss Canton of Graubünden.

Strategic thrusts

  • Increase the demand and win more customers
  • Renew the infrastructure and modernise the rolling stock
  • Increase efficiency and safety
  • Develop and extend the timetable
  • Investigate further markets / develop sidelines and take over other contractors
  • Encourage positioning, innovation, digitalisation and sustainability

    Five modern ALLEGRA railcars have been enhancing the RhB's image since 2013 on the line between Schiers and Thusis.