Passenger traffic

Performance figures

The Rhaetian Railway is successfully positioned on the market, and has built up its passenger services over the last ten years. Thanks to an attractive range of services for holidaymakers and commuters alike, around 12 million passenger journeys are undertaken every year.

Performance figures passenger traffic including Glacier Express   2021 2020
Train kilometres km 1,000 7,115 6,941
Person kilometres* km 1,000 263,859 251,488
Remuneration per passenger kilometre CHF 0.39 0.36
Train punctuality (< 3 min.)** % 89.4 95.4

* Total kilometres travelled by passengers according to SBB-HOP evaluation (extrapolation of passenger traffic).
** Reference value < 3 min.

Kundinnen und Kunden des Bernina Express schätzen den Reisekomfort, die Pünktlichkeit sowie die Freundlichkeit des Zugpersonals.

Bernina Express passengers appreciate the line's travelling comfort and punctuality, along with the train's friendly and approachable on-board staff.