Key figures

Approximately 1,600 people work full or part-time for the Rhaetian Railway. Many of them are in direct contact with customers. Others work behind the scenes to ensure that passengers and goods enjoy trouble-free journeys to their respective destinations.

As part of an effort to ensure that trainees and apprentices get the best-possible start to their careers, the entire apprenticeship system was outsourced in 2007 to login, an association that supplies training services. Trainees continue to accumulate professional experience with the RhB.

Number of employees (in person years) 2021 2020
Permanent staff 1,474 1,434
Apprentices (training supplied by login) 103 108
Rund 1 500 Mitarbeitende geben alles, damit Sie sich bei uns wohlfühlen, dass Sie bei jedem Wetter und zu jeder Jahreszeit Ihr Ziel sicher und pünktlich erreichen.

Our team of approximately 1,500 employees makes all effort to ensure that you enjoy a smooth trip with us, and that you reach your destination safe and sound, regardless of the weather or time of year.