The Mariazellerbahn has been an official partner railway of the Rhaetin Railway since September 22, 2020. The partnership is intended to intensify the visibility of the railway companies in their respective regions and to provide each other with an advertising platform. Accordingly, the Mariazell Railway will be visible in Grisons and the Rhaetian Railway in the Lower Austria, Vienna and Styria regions.

The Rhaetian Railway and the Mariazellerbahn have one major thing in common: they are both narrow-gauge railways. At only 760 millimeters, the track width of the Rhaetian Railway’s partner railway is even narrower than that of the Rhaetian Railway. The Austrian partner railway runs from the capital of Lower Austria, St. Pölten, to the Styrian pilgrimage site of Mariazell. On its way, it crosses 19 viaducts and travels through 21 tunnels. With a route length of 84 kilometers, it is the longest narrow-gauge railroad in Austria.

The Mariazellerbahn in a scenery resembling the ones in Grisons.