The last journey of locomotive 628

A locomotive's story and why it is now time to say goodbye.

Ivo Hutter, Head of Rolling Stock , 06. November 2019

Allegra, everyone! Please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m the RhB's locomotive 628. Born on 30 August 1984, I was christened “S-chanf”. I’m part of the large Ge4/4II family and have 22 brothers and sisters. My job was to transport people and goods all round the Swiss canton of Graubünden. Over the course of my life, I covered 4,261,375 km, advertised FAIRTIQ and experienced a great deal!

But on 14 May 2019, things didn't go my way: in the Rhine Gorge I hit some rock lying on the tracks and as a result derailed. Luckily nobody was hurt. Apart from me, that is. I ended up with considerable injuries (bogies, front and side sections, my base frame and various pieces of equipment). But the worst thing was definitely the fact that my base frame got completely out of line. Because of my serious injuries, the RhB family decided not to put me through an “emergency operation”.

The good thing is that they've managed to take out my “organs” that some of my brothers and sisters can now use. 

I’ve now embarked on my very last journey: I’m off to the recycling yard for disposal.

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