Special compartment in the Capricorn 3133

The Capricorn multiple unit 3133 is running in a special livery. But it doesn’t just stand out because of its special look. Inside the train, passengers can look forward to the unique “Palü Stübli”.

Domenica Herzog, Corporate Communications trainee, 02. August 2022

To this end, the first-class carriage of the multiple-unit train was converted into a dining car and decorated in  “sgraffito” design. As a guest, you find yourself in a cosy room with carefully engraved patterns reminiscent of the façades of houses in the Engadin.

In five languages, a quote from Kofi Annan underlines the importance of the mountains, which are not only present in the name given to the multiple-unit train (Piz Palü) and the “Palü Stübli”, but also throughout the journey through the train’s windows: 

At once humbling and uplifting, few sights in nature are as awe inspiring as mountains.
Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the United Nations, during his opening speech on the UN Year of the Mountains 2002

Das eingravierte Zitat von Kofi Annan.

Blick ins Palü Stübli.

The Palü Stübli invites you to take an atmospheric ride through the mountains of Graubünden and captivates with its carefully showcased and understated Graubünden charm. A special compartment for a special train.

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