Railway workers’ sports clubs

In the middle of the Second World War, a number of RhB sports fans decided to set up a railway workers’ sports club in Davos. Today there are two sports clubs in Graubünden: ESV Chur and ESV Rätia. And we would like you to meet them today.

Tanja Thaler, Communications expert, 28. September 2021

ESV Chur

The president, Nicolo Jäger, has worked for the Chur railway workers’ sports club since 2001. He decided to join because many of his friends were in the club and he found its offers attractive. At ESV Chur he appreciates the wide range of activities, especially in the bike and snow sports sector. What’s more, there is always a familiar, friendly camaraderie, which is what makes it so special today.

ESV Chur celebrated its greatest successes with the snowshoe. Nicolo Jäger says it’s always great to see how many children and young people get excited about the sport. 

As president, one of his responsibilities is to promote ESV Chur. He always lends a hand at events himself, helps create a good atmosphere and discusses possible new ideas with the board. In doing so, he promotes the attractiveness of the club and ensures that young members help and remain active in the club.

It’s great to see that we are able to get lots of children and young people enthusiastic about sport.
Nicolo Jäger, President of ESV Chur

ESV Rätia

Curdin Lareida, a train driver at RhB, has been president of the Rätia railway workers’ sports club  for almost a year now.  Because he was always a keen sports fan and particularly likes snow sports, he took part in his first ESV Rätia ski race in 2012. He liked the occasion so much that he immediately decided to become a member.

Curdin Lareida sees one of ESV Rätia’s greatest successes at the  USIC (International Railway Sports Association) championships in 2014. Back then, the club shone in the Alpine skiing discipline with two silver medals and one bronze medal. 

As president, Curdin Lareida is faced with a challenge: it is becoming increasingly difficult to find members because everyone wants to remain independent, without any obligations nowadays. In addition, many public transport company employees work irregular hours. This sometimes makes it difficult to find time for club life. This is why Curdin Lareida is increasingly relying on digital communication. This allows him to act much more quickly and spontaneously when he presents offers to members. 

Curdin Lareida has long been committed to offering cross-country skiing and running in the club. But other sports are also welcome and he is always open to ideas and suggestions. He is confident that ESV Rätia will be able to offer new events and sports in the future and pass on the enjoyment you can have in and with sport.

We are a young, open team and strive to meet current needs and wishes from a sporting and social point of view, keeping pace with the times.
Curdin Lareida, President of ESV Rätia

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