Observing animals with RhB

Unfortunately, zoos in Switzerland are closed. But you don’t have to give up watching wildlife altogether – especially when you’re out and about with us. We’ll let you into the secret of the best alternatives to going to the zoo.

Tanja Thaler, Communications expert, 14. January 2021

1 Wild animals between Chur and Arosa

You’ll never be bored when you travel to Arosa. Was that a deer that just scampered away? Yes, definitely, because on this route the chance of observing game is very high. You would almost think the animals had got used to the train because they often stop and watch it travel past. Especially in the evening, when you travel back to Chur after an excursion to Arosa, you can see the animals eating grass with relish on both sides of the train. Always an experience! 

2 The ibexes in Pontresina

They’re already relatively famous and certainly not an insider’s tip any more, but no less exciting. And this spring, the ibexes are bound to come very close to the village again to eat the fresh, young grass. If you want to see them, walk from Pontresina station up to the Ibex Promenade and then wait until they suddenly appear – usually in the late afternoon. The majestic ibexes, our heraldic animal and the name-giver for our new Capricorns, will stand there unfazed and allow themselves to be marvelled at. Sometimes there are small scuffles, but mostly the ibexes concentrate on eating and are very easy to photograph. The most important thing is that you stick to the trails so you don’t disturb them. After all, we want to enjoy this wonderful natural spectacle for a long time to come. 

3 Squirrels in Arosa

They’re just so cute! They are usually dark or red and they are very happy to be fed. Sometimes they will even eat straight our of your hand. And they’re not the only ones you’ll see on the Squirrel Trail. Various birds are also happy to find a few nuts. The Squirrel Trail in Arosa is fun for people of all ages. It can be reached directly from Arosa station and is well sign-posted. 

4 The birds in Taiswald and Stazerwald

You might think that the birds that live in the Taiswald and Stazerwald forests are particularly cheeky because they are quite prepared to land on a stretched out hand and beg for food. They are small, really cute birds that seem to be pretty inquisitive and they are always interested to see if anyone has a treat for them. You can get to both Taiswald and Stazerwald from Pontresina. There are feeding stations in Taiswald, but in Stazerwald you have to take your own bird food with you. 

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