Google Street View – the virtual RhB trip

You can’t travel with us at the moment? Then use Google Maps Street View to experience the Rhaetian Railway!

Linda Willener, Praktikantin Marketing-Kommunikation & E-Business, 08. March 2021

If you still want to see our routes with their sights and attractions, we have good news for you! With Google Maps Street View you can “travel” our routes virtually, whatever continent you happen to be on. What do you think about that?

Our network was recorded in entirety over five days and consists of 37,000 panoramic shots. A flatcar, equipped with Street View cameras, with a red tarpaulin and a mobile frame was pushed by a railcar at a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The frame consisted of a scaffold for the 360° Street View camera, 4 LED lights and a power generator. At the head of the special train, the vehicle took 360-degree images of the 385-kilometre RhB network. 

This is how it works: enter a place or a highlight/attraction in Google Maps and zoom a little closer until you can see where our tracks are. Use your mouse to drag the little orange “man” to the desired point. Then you can start your journey and move virtually in the direction of travel. It’s possible on all our routes.

Take a look at these impressions from the Bernina Line which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage route. But best of all: try it out for yourself!

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