Elke Bauer, possibly RhB’s greatest fan

Recently Elke Bauer surprised us with a photo on Instagram showing the tattoos on her lower arm – including our Capricorn! But other RhB motifs also feature on her arm. Portrait of a fan.

Tanja Thaler, Communications expert, 17. December 2020

1 Elke, who are you and where do you live?

My name is Elke, I am 61 years old and live in Zurich. I get out and about with RhB as much as possible and love travelling through the beautiful canton of Graubünden. 

2 What do you find so fascinating about RhB?

When I first travelled on RhB more than 30 years ago, the RhB staff in particular impressed me. They are always so nice and friendly. And that is something that hasn’t changed to this day. And apart from that, I just love the RhB trains. 

3 What trips do you take with RhB?

My favourite stretch is from Landquart to Davos Platz via Filisur or the Bernina Line. I would love to travel to Tirano again! But I have to say that the other lines are really exciting, too. 

4 What do you particularly like about RhB?

The RhB employees always make sure that I feel welcome on board.  And that is great. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the staff personally and I am always treated very courteously. Apart from that I also find the trains really comfortable, I like that. 

The RhB Tattoos of Elke Bauer

Her latest tattoo: The Capricorn

5 We were amazed when we recently saw the photo of your tattoos on Instagram. How did you come up with that ever so slightly crazy idea?

I got my first tattoo done in 2017. As a train fan, I definitely wanted a stream train as a tattoo. But that was not enough. Shortly afterwards, I got the railcar, then the Allegra and the HCD locomotive. And now I’ve gone one better with the Capricon. Recently someone from Davos said to me that all I needed was the Crocodile locomotive. That’s likely to be the next one on the list! 

6 What did the tattoo artist say when you told him what you wanted to have tattooed on your forearm?

He was really pleased because at last he had something special, something different to create.

7 Why did you choose this particular motif?

Well, it’s the trains, the engines, I like best. 

8 What kind of reactions do you get to your tattoos?

The reactions are very different. I often get: “Aha! A train fan!” Some of the members of my family were horrified. Not because of the motifs, but generally about getting a tattoo. You see, I’m ginger and have very sensitive skin. They were worried about my health. To be honest, I don’t care what the reactions are, I got the tattoos done for me because they mean something to me and I am proud of them.

9 What is your personal tip for other RhB fans or those who would like to become one?

Just sit on the train and enjoy the ride. Look out of the window, marvel at the beautiful nature you can see in Graubünden, the places along the way and the amazing man-made structures you see on RhB. 

10 Have you got anything you would like RhB to introduce?

Depending on the route, I do sometimes miss a RailBar where I could get a coffee. But the RhB staff should stay exactly as they are! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many great trips I have been able to experience with you so far. 

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