Chur, a snow sports destination?

Even though you might not think so at first glance, Chur is the perfect base for a winter sports holiday in Graubünden.

Arno Wyss, Specialist in distribution systems, 13. January 2020

The alpine town has its own snow sports area in Brambrüesch, but all the well-known and also lots of smaller areas can easily be reached within two hours by public transport.

I would like to show you which snow sports areas can be reached from Chur and add my own personal tip to some of them. 

The large area: Arosa Lenzerheide

Arosa Lenzerheide is easy to reach by public transport from Chur. The return trip is even included in the day pass (you will find the offer here).

With 225 kilometres of pistes, Arosa Lenzerheide is one of the largest areas in Graubünden and offers numerous pistes in all levels of difficulty. There are various possibilities for your return trip thanks to the connecting train between Lenzerheide and Arosa. 

My tip: Take the PostBus for around 20 minutes to Churwalden and then take the cable car up the Stäzerhorn. Here, you can ski on the right hand side of the valley in the morning sun. Change the side of the valley with the sun before lunch and enjoy the pistes on the Rothorn and Weisshorn. For lunch, transfer to Arosa on the new Urdenbahn cable car. Eat at the Hörnlihütte, where I would definitely recommend the “Hörnli mit G‘hacktem” (macaroni with mince). In the afternoon, enjoy some skiing on the gentle Arosa pistes before going back down to Arosa where you will end up directly at the station. Make sure you stop by the cosy Güterschuppen and enjoy an Arosa beer in a relaxed atmosphere. The unique culinary creations are also to be recommended here. It takes an hour to get back to Chur with RhB. Make sure you take a good look at the environment from the train window as you can often see numerous groups of deer looking for food.

Beautiful view with sea of fog on Lenzerheide.

The medium-sized area: Savognin

Take the train to Tiefencastel and then the PostBus to Savognin. This is one of the smaller snow sports areas in the canton with its seven ski lifts. But the wide pistes are unique and you never feel as if they are overcrowded.

My tip: For everyone who likes après-ski or would like to try out what après-ski is like in Austria, you must stop by Roggi’s Baizli. You’ll hear old favourites (schlager music) that you might want to sing along or dance to. Guaranteed party atmosphere. 

Snow crystals in Savognin

Insider's tip: St. Peter Hochwang

Hochwang is without doubt an insider's tip. With just two ski lifts, the area is very small but nevertheless it offers numerous pistes and total calm. Relaxation is guaranteed. Thanks to its south-west orientation, the snow sports area basks in the sunshine: the sun will accompany you as you ski downhill from the first trip at 9 am to the last trip at 4 pm.

You will have to plan your trip there carefully as there are not many buses that travel into the skiing area. From Chur, you can take the train to St. Peter-Molinis station where you then board the ski bus to the skiing area.

My tip: Definitely enjoy the deep powder snow along the pistes and ski lifts. There is no danger of avalanches on the gentle slopes and the powder snow is rarely completely worn down. Also ideal for starting out on deep powder snow.

Luckily you fall softly in deep snow.

The world-famous area: Engadin St. Moritz

St. Moritz is probably the most well-known place in Graubünden. St. Moritz is the birthplace of winter sports in the Alps, because the first winter tourists came to what was then a small farming village back in 1864/65. Today, St. Moritz is known for its top-class luxury hotels and the modern snow sports area.

From Chur you travel on the UNESCO World Heritage Albula route to Celerina. Your journey there is exciting in itself with the Landwasser Viaduct and the helical tunnels. In Celerina, it takes not quite five minutes to get to the Marguns cable car valley station. The cable car will take you up to the snow sports area Corviglia where you will find perfectly prepared pistes. To journey back, you can take the train from St. Moritz or Celerina. This will bring you back to Chur in two hours.

My tip: During the winter, the train from St. Moritz to Chur features a nostalgic dining car. Treat yourself after a strenuous day and take the time to enjoy a delicious meal on your return trip. The food is prepared fresh for you in the dining car.

The view on the slopes of St. Moritz.

The other areas

There are countless other snow sports areas which can be reached from Chur within two hours on public transport:

  • Brambrüesch
  • Flims/Laax
  • Engadin Scuol
  • Davos/Klosters
  • Grüsch-Danusa
  • Tschappina Heinzenberg
  • Sarn
  • Pizol 
  • Tschiertschen
  • Bergün-Filisur/Darlux
  • Bivio
  • Disentis/Sedrun
  • Obersaxen/Mundaun
  • Breil/Brigels
  • Feldis
  • Splügen
  • Mutten/Obermutten
  • Avers

With a little planning, Chur is the perfect starting point to enjoy various snow sports areas in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. We can answer the question asked at the beginning with a definite Yes. “Yes, Chur is a snow sports destination!”

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