Carla Müller-Sigron, cashier for the Vereina car transporter

Carla Müller-Sigron has been a cashier for the Vereina car transporter since its inception. On the occasion of its anniversary, she reflects on 20 years with the Vereina.

Fabienne Kühne, Assistentin Leiter Produktion, 02. December 2019

1 Carla, you joined RhB on 1 October 1999 as a cashier for the Vereina car transporter. How did you hear about the position?

I saw an ad in the paper. 

2 Did you have any idea what to expect?

Not really, I could only guess, but I ended up being positively surprised.

3 Who was your first customer?

A businessman from the Engadin, who was travelling to Chur for a meeting.

4 What has been your funniest experience over the years or which customer will you never forget?

I’ll never forget the four women holidaying in the Engadin, who loaded their car three times in a row just so they could test the Vereina car transporter. Going by what they said, it was very funny and exciting.

5 Have you ever been lost for words?

(winking) To this question. 

6 Please give us a brief description of a normal working day.

A normal working day for me is still interesting and varied even after 20 years because dealing with customer queries and requests brings new challenges almost every day.

7 What’s changed since 1999?

Customers are much more understanding in the event of a breakdown or malfunction and procedures for loading vehicles and disseminating customer information have been greatly improved.

8 What do you love most about your job?

The constant interaction with customers. 

9 What do you prefer: car or passenger trains? The Prättigau or the Engadin?

Passenger trains, because I don’t drive, and the Engadin, because it’s the most beautiful valley in the world and I live in it. 

10 Who do you look up to at RhB?

I have learnt a great deal – directly or indirectly – from a number of people over the past 20 years with RhB.

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