A touch of winter magic with the Bernina Express

Currently, a trip on the Bernina Express is not just a journey through a magnificent winter wonderland. It will start you off dreaming and collecting new, positive thoughts. That is certainly what happened to Marina Schrepfer, Bernina Express Product Mana

Marina Schrepfer, Produktmanagerin Bernina Express, 11. February 2021

As Chur gradually wakes up, I start making my way towards the station. At 8:32 am, the Bernina Express slowly leaves platform 10 on time and sets off on its journey south. The sun is shining and I am looking forward to a lovely, relaxing day. I take a look out of the panoramic windows and watch the beautiful winter landscape travel past.

It is thanks to the really snowy winter that everything is glittering so beautifully and shining pure white. The world suddenly seems particularly friendly and reassuring to me in these difficult times. As if it was whispering, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine, things are going to start getting better soon”. Enjoying the smell of the warm coffee in my hand, I watch the mountain and glacier world pass me by and feel a positive feeling inside. And that is the feeling I had all day long – a feeling that meant I arrived back in Chur with a smile on my face. The day out did me a lot of good and I’m looking forward to my next trip. 

The most spectacular Alpine crossing: the Bernina Express links language regions and cultures – following a serpentine course and without the aid of a rack-and-pinion system. Panoramic journeys through the UNESCO World Heritage landscape are a genuine treat. Enjoy a wonderful journey through a winter wonderland and book your trip now here

Bernina Express on the Albula Viaduct...

...close to "Stazerwald"...

...in the Montebello Curve...

...and at "Lago Bianco".

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