A breath of fresh air in the Rhine Gorge Experience train

A genuine spectacle of nature – because you can’t get closer to nature than this. You take a ride in the open scenic carriages through the Rhine Gorge and experience the Rhine, the bizarre rock formations, the fresh meadows and the emerging spring with al

Tanja Thaler, Communications expert, 13. April 2021

The experience

From 24 April to 31 October 2021, the Rhine Gorge Experience train will be travelling from Landquart to Ilanz every Saturday and Sunday. There are two connections in the morning and one in the afternoon. So you have several options for travelling through the Rhine Gorge in the open scenic carriages. In addition, the timetable thus allows you to get off and on again, and also gives you the option of walking between two stops and getting on the train again later.

The trip from Landquart to Ilanz takes just under ninety minutes. This leaves plenty of time to discover the Rhine Gorge with all your senses from the train. Take photos of the impressive rock formations with no window panes to get in the way, wave to the river rafters and canoes on the Rhine, and feel what it means to travel through a dark tunnel in an open carriage! 

The open scenic carriages

They are yellow. And they are fitted with wooden benches. Anything but conventional. But that is exactly what makes the difference! The backrests of the wooden benches can be adjusted so that four people can sit facing each other or so that everyone can look in the direction of travel. And the most important thing is looking out of the carriages because there is simply so much to see! 

The ticket

It’s quite simple. You don’t need a supplement or a special ticket to take a ride on the Rhine Gorge Experience train. You can travel on the train with an absolutely normal ticket. We've put a few combinations together for you:

For daredevils – the Rhine Gorge ticket
Hop on, hop off with the Rhine Gorge ticket: take as many trips as you like for a whole day on RhB and the PostBus. Valid on trains between Chur and Ilanz and Bonaduz as well as on the PostBus between Chur – Ilanz and Ilanz and Versam Safien / Tenna Post incl. Bus Brün – Sagogn. Nothing will get in the way of your adventure! 

For the independent – FAIRTIQ
Swipe “Start” when you get on and “Stop” when you get off – and you're done:  FAIRTIQ. FAIRTIQ automatically detects and measures the route taken using a location tracker and charges the amount to the stored payment method. You couldn’t be more independent! 

For anyone looking for more – the graubündenPASS
A season ticket for the Swiss canton of Graubünden: the graubündenPASS lets you enjoy unlimited travel throughout the whole canton. Climb aboard to discover Graubünden at its sunny best! Incidentally, there’s also a version for your bike!

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