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Using waiting time cleverly - at the RhB ticket machines

Our ticket machine offers more: charging prepaid mobiles, buying digital gift cards and Paysafe cards, taking care of international cash transfers and lots of other offers...

Martin Casanova, Business analyst, 08. November 2019

At ticket machines, you can buy tickets and renew season tickets/travelcards. Virtually the entire range of Swiss public transport offers can be purchased regardless of opening times. But the ticket machine offers much more! Charging prepaid mobiles, buying digital gift cards and Paysafe cards, taking care of international cash transfers and lots of other offers... Take a look and discover “Other tickets/offers” on the machines. 

Paying your bills with Swiss QR Bill.

You can now pay your bills quickly and whenever you like at ticket machines. The service was set up in collaboration with SweePay AG. Just use the QR code on your bill and scan it at the ticket machine. First select «Prepaid» and then «QR Bill». 

Simple charging of prepaid credit.

Do you use a prepaid mobile and no longer have any credit on it? You can recharge it at the ticket machine: choose “Other tickets/offers” > “Prepaid” > “Top up mobile Switzerland” and then follow the menu to your provider's offer. Using “Top up mobile around the world” it is also possible to charge prepaid credit for your relatives and friends abroad. Or buy “Prepaid phone card” from Beeone, Flash and Telecom FL for your calls abroad.

Purchasing digital vouchers/gift cards.

You don't have a present, there are no shops in the village or all the shops are shut? Do you want to charge your own credit? At the ticket machine you can get codes from iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Netflix, Spotify and Zattoo: “Other tickets/offers” > “Prepaid” > “Gift Cards”

Making safe online purchases with the Paysafecard.

In more than 3,500 online shops you can pay safely and anonymously without a credit card thanks to the Paysafecard: Paysafecards to the value of CHF 25, 75 and 150 can be purchased at the ticket machine using “Other tickets/offers” > ”Prepaid” > “Paysafecards”. Or you pay for your purchases in online shops with “Paysafecash” using cash at the ticket machine.

Transferring cash worldwide: fast and inexpensive.

Using the «WU@SBB» app, you can send money around the world with Western Union for just CHF 5. Prepare your transaction in the app and pay cash or use your debit card directly at the ticket machine. 

Filling up your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin, a new kind of money. All over the world, there are more and more service providers and dealers who accept Bitcoins. Fill the Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone at the ticket machine. To do so, use the scanner to read in the QR code of your wallet.

Our ticket machines can do a lot. But can they make coffee, too? See for yourself!

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