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Times are changing

Fourteen hours and 23 minutes. This is how long it takes to fly halfway around the world. From Zurich to Rio de Janeiro, for example. In 1895, that was something travellers could only dream of. They needed the same amount of time to travel from Zurich to

Florian Ambauen, Communications specialist, 28. September 2021

From Zurich to Rio de Janeiro. A journey of over 9,000 kilometres. Hardly a challenge if you enjoy flying. It can get uncomfortable during turbulence, but that’s no comparison to the stresses and strains that travellers had to endure in 1895 from Zurich to St. Moritz (around 138 kilometres as the crow flies).

It sounds adventurous. And it was. Anyone wishing to travel from Zurich to St. Moritz in the Engadin at the end of the 19th century had to have plenty of time and composure.

It took our ancestors two hours and 46 minutes to travel by train from Zurich to Landquart.

Thanks to Rhaetian Railway, the journey continued by train from Landquart to Davos Dorf. Three hours and two minutes later, however, it was far from over in Davos Dorf.

The arduous journey took the stagecoach over the Flüela Pass to St. Moritz. This trip took eight hours and 35 minutes.

Provided the connections were perfect, this resulted in a total travel time of 14 hours and 23 minutes!

Today, St. Moritz can easily be reached by train from Zurich in three hours and two minutes.

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