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Briefly explained

A visit to Stadler

Stadler is one of the world’s leading specialised manufacturers of rail vehicles with a strong track record. We visited the “builder” of our trains and are offering you an exclusive insight.

Manuel Rupp, Fachspezialist Multimedia, 22. June 2021

Portrait of Stadler

Since its foundation in 1942, the company has offered its customers Swiss quality. Stadler can look back on a long tradition of excellence in design and manufacture and is proud to be able to adapt its rolling stock to the most varied and challenging customer needs. The company offers tailor-made vehicles on an individual or modular basis. Over the course of its history, Stadler has produced over 8,000 trains and locomotives, which are now in service in 41 countries.

Capricorn multiple-unit trains

As you know, we are currently building 56 four-part separable multiple-unit trains from Stadler. This is the largest rolling stock procurement project in the history of RhB. The multiple-unit trains equipped with automatic couplings will considerably modernise the RhB fleet and enable us to make a significant leap in productivity.

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