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Discover the museums in Graubünden

Did you know ... ... that Switzerland has over 1,000 museums? To mark International Museum Day, today’s blog post is all about interesting museums in the Swiss canton of Graubünden.

Bianca Kohler, Online and mobile specialist, 11. May 2021

1 Museum of Fine Arts, Chur

The Museum of Fine Arts is considered the most important cultural institution in the entire canton. Originally housed in the historic Villa Planta, the museum was extended in 2016 and now mainly shows exhibits by Graubünden and Swiss artists.

Incidentally, the Museum of Fine Arts is right next to the administrative building of RhB. Guided tours of the administrative building will be held this summer, offering an insight into 130 years of RhB history. The adjoining park also provides the perfect place to sit down and relax.

To the Fine Arts Museum, Chur

2 Albula Railway Museum, Bergün

The Albula Railway Museum is perfect for anyone interested in Graubünden railway history. You don’t have to be a railway fan to be fascinated by the over 600 exhibits on display – from railway station clocks to building plans for man-made structures to a large model railway. But the real highlight can be found outside of the museum: the crocodile driving simulator. This offers visitors the opportunity to take a virtual ride through the Albula Valley.

To the Albula Railway Museum

3 Natural History Museum, Chur

The Natural History Museum is not only a hit with nature lovers. The museum’s exhibitions are dedicated to showcasing the biodiversity in the Alps and the rocks, plants and wildlife in the canton. Visitors can learn all about the mammals in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, for example – from the common shrew to the brown bear. There are even special kiddies corners with lots of interesting things to explore.

To the Natural History Museum, Chur

4 Kirchner Museum, Davos

Expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner lived in Davos from the age of 48 up until his death. The spa resort and its surroundings provided the inspiration for most of his most notable works. Visitors to the Kirchner Museum can admire his numerous paintings, sculptures, sketches and much more right where they were created.

To the Kirchner Museum

5 Rätisches Museum, Chur

Located at the heart of the Old Town of Chur, the Rätische Museum is home to over 100,000 exhibits spanning all periods of Graubünden cultural history. The exhibition comprises archaeological, cultural-historical and folkloric finds from the whole of Graubünden. There are also rotating special exhibitions spread across four floors.

To the Rätisches Museum

6 Segantini Museum, St. Moritz

The Segantini Museum exhibits works by painter Giovanni Segantini. Since being built by the architect Nicolaus Hartmann, the museum has been considered a kind of accessible monument. Nicolaus Hartmann’s other architectural feats include the RhB administrative building in Chur and the station buildings Ospizio Bernina and Alp Grüm.

To the Segantini Museum

7 National Park Centre, Zernez

Delve into the world of the National Park. That’s the motto of the National Park Centre in Zernez. Here you can discover all there is to explore on the walking trails in Switzerland’s only National Park and find out more about the ecological dynamics in the park. 

Incidentally, the RhB Combi Ticket includes travel to Zernez and back, entry to the visitor centre and travel to Buffalora and back by PostBus. The perfect ticket for exploring the National Park. 

To the National Park Centre

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