Ve zvoleném jazyce nejsou k dispozici všechny obsahy. Chcete se podívat do světa Rhétské dráhy? Přejít na anglický.


Ve zvoleném jazyce nejsou k dispozici všechny obsahy. Chcete se podívat do světa Rhétské dráhy? Přejít na anglický.

Tour Operator

The link between Graubünden and the whole wide world

The ibex of Grisons leaping for joy as the Bernina Express passes by is not a sight to be missed. To ensure that tour operators are kept constantly informed, the Rhaetian Railway provides travel specialists with special professional support.

Tour operators are highly valued partners of the Rhaetian Railway. That is why we attach great importance to providing travel specialists with the very latest information about our offers, leaps of joy and other beautiful things in the canton of Grisons. With this in mind, the Rhaetian Railway has created a special information area reserved exclusively for travel agencies and tour operators.

Information Coronavirus

Here you will find all information about the current situation for the Bernina Express and the Rhaetian Railway.
Here you will find all information about the current situation for the Glacier Express.

Regulations Switzerland:
From Monday, 20 December 2021, all travellers to Switzerland, including vaccinated and recovered persons, must be able to present a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test upon entry. In addition, non-vaccinated or recovered persons are obliged to take another rapid antigen test or PCR test between the fourth and seventh day after entry. The second test is waived for vaccinated or recovered persons. The test costs must be paid by the persons entering the country themselves. The validity of the rapid antigen tests remains 24 hours and that of the PCR tests 72 hours. Travellers residing in border regions are exempt from this obligation. In Germany, this includes the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria; in France, the regions of Grand-Est, Bourgogne / Franche Comté and Auvergne / Rhône-Alpes; in Italy, Piedmont, Aosta Valley, Lombardy and Trentino / South Tyrol; and in Austria, the federal states of Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

In addition, the certification obligation in indoor areas will be tightened. In restaurants and bars, the 2G rule will be introduced. Access is thus only permitted for vaccinated or recovered persons. In addition, masks and seating are still compulsory. In public transport, the obligation to wear a mask continues to apply, but there is no obligation to obtain a certificate.

Infographic Entry Switzerland

Infographic Measures Switzerland

Regulations Italy:
A distinction is now being made between a Basic Green Pass and a Super Green Pass. The Basic Green Pass is issued after a negative molecular or antigen test. The period of validity of these tests could be altered at any time. We recommend that you check the regulations yourself again shortly before your trip. The Super Green Pass is only issued to people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19. 

New regulations will apply for entry into Italy, including public transport, from 16 December 2021. These are likely to apply until 31 January 2022. Anyone wishing to enter Italy must be able to produce a negative PCR or antigen test. This also applies to people who have been vaccinated against or have recovered from COVID-19. Anyone who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and also has not recovered from the disease must remain in quarantine for five days in addition to the negative COVID test. A quarantine period of 10 days is mandatory for anyone entering Italy from outside the EU/EFTA.

Only those who live in the border area and no more than 60 km from their destination in Italy are excluded from these guidelines. This means that anyone permanently resident in the Engadin or closer to the border can therefore travel to Tirano with a valid Basic Green Pass without observing these rules. 

In addition, the digital passenger localisation form (entry form) must be carried with you on arrival. However, a Super Green Pass will be required to visit restaurants and bars from 6 December 2021. Access is therefore only permitted for people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19. 

The general obligation to wear a mask in enclosed spaces and on public transport still applies. The Bernina Express will stop in Campocologno for embarkation and disembarkation until further notice. This allows visitors to admire the Brusio Circular Viaduct – one of the highlights of the network – without leaving Switzerland.

The applicable provisions may change at any time. We therefore recommend that you use this link for Italy and this for Switzerland to find out more about the regulations shortly before your trip.

Sales manuals

The RhB sales handbook tells you all about the Rhaetian Railway. The Glacier Express sales handbook offers specific facts about this legendary train, including bus routes and information on loudspeaker announcements. Both handbooks can be obtained by clicking here.



Rhaetian Railway makes image pictures and event photos freely available to media representatives for use in their reports.

Please note the rules regarding publication: All images must be tagged with "(c) Rhaetian Railway" and – if available – details of the photographer. In addition, the picture may not be used in connection with political topics or in a context that could damage the image of Rhaetian Railway.

You can download pictures via the following link:

Link Media Gallery

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the database, we will be happy to send you high-resolution pictures by e-mail. Please contact medien(at)rhb.ch, stating the intended use of the pictures you require.

RhB Storyteller Presentation

Come on an exciting trip with us:


Timetable Bernina Line


You will find a range of videos on our Youtube Channel.  Use the Share function to include any desired video as an iFrame anywhere required.

Available for direct download: 

Video Glacier Express

Video Bernina Express

Video from Italy to Switzerland: Bernina and Glacier Express 

Video Glacier Express Excellence Class


Brochure overview

Everything at a glance: Our seasonal and annual brochures and advertising material are available here – to peruse or download.

The online edition of the Rhaetian Railway's "Contura" magazine is available online.

Brochures as PDF

Bernina Express
Glacier Express
Bernina Express
Glacier Express
Bernina Express
Glacier Express Le Restaurant Menu
Bernina Express
Railway experiences & Excursions



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Photo points

Photo points

For photographers and film teams who are travelling along the track, we have created an overview map showing the most important photo points along our route:

Map photo points RhB



All Rhaetian Railway logos and trademarks are protected and/or registered. They may not be copied, amended or used in their original form without the consent of Rhaetian Railway. Please contact medien(at)rhb.ch, stating the intended use of the logos you require. As the manufacturer of model railway vehicles, model material or its lettering, you are able to conclude an agreement with Rhaetian Railway on the use of its protected logos: Licence agreement

The logos available for download may not be used either in connection with political topics or in a context that could damage the image of RhB. The only permissible alteration users may make to the logo is to change its size while maintaining the proportions.

General Terms and Conditions

We actually prefer to develop our partnerships and not have to draw up terms and conditions. But they are a necessary part of business. This is why we make a personal commitment to our relationship with you.

To find out just how much, call us on +41 (0)81 288 63 65 or send us an e-mail. And we are of course always pleased to meet you in person. To ensure that total transparency reigns nevertheless, click here to see our General Terms and Conditions.

How do I book?

Groups (minimum of 10 persons)

Railservice: reservation(at)rhb.ch
Book easily and directly with us:
For tickets, supplements and seat reservations you will receive and E-ticket.

Methods of payment:

  • Credit card
  • Payment at a station ticket office
  • (E-)invoice (for selected partners after credit-checks)

Destination Management Company (DMC)
All common DMCs/Land Operator add the RhB products to their systems:

  • Kuoni, Miki, G2, Globus etc.
  • Switzerland Travel Centre (STC), the DMC of Switzerland Tourism and public transport of Switzerland, is an RhB specialist!

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Single travellers/FIT (up to 9 persons)

B2B Shop: https://reseller.rhb.ch 
We offer selected partners access to our B2B shop. You can also apply for our B2B Shop. To do so, fill out the form and we will review your application.

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Railservice: railservice(at)rhb.ch 
Book at B2C prices and conditions

Travel agency with access to a UIC rail system (Rail Ticketing /Agent Client; DB, FS etc.)

Overseas: Rail Europe (Euronet/ERA)
The General Sales Agents (GSA) of Rail Europe can book all RhB products for you via the Euronet-System. The GSAs for your country can be found here.

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