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The Rhaetian Railway travels through the Valposchiavo like a red thread. At the first station on the Alp Grüm you can already enjoy the view far over the mountainside. You will breathe the cool, clear air – and enjoy the regional cuisine on the terraces of one of the mountain lodgings.

The next highlight comes with the next station: Cavaglia. Only 400 metres from the station are the «Giants’ pots», as these glacial wells are also called. Further below in the valley you will reach Poschiavo. The main town of Valposchiavo is captivating with its urban, Italian ambience. In the valley the Rhaetian Railway travels to La Prese and then very close to water in a southwards direction, past Miralago with a fantastic view over the «Lago di Poschiavo» lake and the Alps.

The absolute highlight for railway fans comes in Brusio: with the incomparable circular viaduct, everyone is visually overcome with the slopes of the landscape. As well as the railway, the mountains are also an integral part of Valposchiavo, from the Bernina Pass at 2,300 metres to the beautiful Val da Camp with its lakes Lagh da Saoseo, Lagh da Scispadus, Lagh da Val Viola, or the seclusion of Val Saent. Visitors can discover numerous hiking and biking opportunities everywhere, paired with culture and Italianità.


Excursion tips

Bernina Pass
The Bernina Pass (2,253 metres above sea level), one of the most impressive crossings of the Alps, runs by the majestic glaciers of the Bernina Massif: Morteratsch, Cambrena and Palü.

Alp Grüm
Alp Grüm can only be reached on foot, or by the railway that follows one of its most wonderful panoramic curves nearby. It offers views straight down into Valposchiavo and away into the Bergamasker Alps.

The glacial holes of Cavaglia
Stroll through the garden of the Marmitte dei Giganti, or «giants’ saucepans», from one glacial hole to another, and marvel at the enormous natural force of the melting glacier, which is capable of polishing boulders smooth and turning rocks and regularly-shaped balls.

Val da Camp
The valley of Val da Camp is a sea of Alpine flowers in summer, and attracts long-distance skiers when the snows fall.

The main town of Valposchiavo is captivating with its urban, Italian ambience.

Le Prese and Miralago
These two places, which occupy the northern and southern sides of Lake Poschiavo respectively, are connected by a much-frequented path running along its banks.

Protected by the mountain slopes, Brusio is home to vegetation normally considered typical of more-southern climes, such as sweet chestnuts, wild cherries, grapevines, apple orchards and kiwi-fruit plantations.

UNESCO World Heritage pass

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  • Two days unlimited travel on all trains between Thusis and Tirano (except Bernina and Glacier Express)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Guidebook, valued at CHF 15.00
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  • Children travel free with the Junior or Grandchild card
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Further information and tickets are available at any manned RhB railway station or by contacting our Railservice, Tel +41 81 288 65 65 or contact form.

Bernina Express

A high-point is the panoramic view from the Bernina Express, as it passes mighty glaciers on its descent to a land of swaying palms

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